Siffany's Story

Siffany Jayde was born and raised in Colorado. She does most of her musical work in rock, though she does dabble in other genres. She is currently the lead singer/songwriter for From Silence, and is currently busy working on their first album.

Siffany, the eldest of three siblings began her career in the underground music scene as a solo artist in an attempt to show her siblings that they could achieve anything they wanted to if they simply put their mind to it. Through this process, she found herself overcoming her stage fright and increasing her confidence. She has since dedicated her free time to learning anything and everything she could regarding the fine arts. She has found From Silence, and is excited to further her career with her bandmates. Her goal with her music is to bring people together. Siffany's highlight thus far in her career is having performed at a Brotha Lynch Hung tour in her hometown, the first concert her mother attended, and seeing the pride in her mothers face when she hugged her afterwards. "Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you've made your parents proud of the person you've become."

Siffany focus's most of her time singing and songwriting, as well as the production of their first album. Once the albums are complete, she plans on carrying out live and virtual performances. Please join Siffany on her journey by following her on Facebook, joining the email list, and joining her Patreon so that she can share the magic with you too! After all, 'You are the wind on which she soars.'

Photograph by Shivers Photography